Is this the meaning of life?

In recent memory, I have been contemplating whether or not one can live a successful, thriving life without having a passion. A passion, dedication, longing and willingness to perfect and hone an art form. I say this because I truly believe that who we are as human beings are defined by our passions in life.
Taking a craft and learning about its intricacies, tendencies and little nuances and then adding one’s own spin or signature to it is having a passion. It is something that takes years of toil and labour, over hurdles and valleys, to be knocked down time and time again but to know that this is something that must be done. To acknowledge that giving up is not an option, and that failure is merely a learning experience. To know that this burning desire, this longing for greatness, this passion, which comes to life in the form of your art, is something that will engulf you and then slowly become you. This is a passion that burns so deeply that it engrains itself within you and becomes your life.
For instance, I consider Kobe Bryant a successful human being not only because he is wealthy and doing something he loves but because he has a degree of passion that is far superior to other athletes. Kobe’s art of slicing defenses on a basketball court has made his name as well as himself synonymous with basketball. His passion for the game is evident in his years of practice and his many All-Star and All-NBA accolades. It is safe to say that all professional athletes have a passion for the game but not all athletes are synonymous with their sport. The mention of Kobe comes in tandem with basketball; it is something that can’t be separated. His art of playing basketball has defined him as well as his life. That is who he is, and that is what he is known for; playing basketball. His passion and love for the game helped him excel and gain recognition as one of the greatest to ever plat but his passion for the game is superior to others because everyone knows Kobe Bryant as a phenomenal basketball player, even those who don’t watch basketball recognize that. Even after his retirement, Kobe Bryant will still go hand in hand with basketball either as a broadcaster, a team owner, or merely as a knowledgeable fan. Sports fans and the general public will still place Kobe Bryant in unison with basketball.
What I am trying to say is that I have many passions; reading, writing, fitness, and learning (getting smarter), that do define me, and make up who I am right now. But I do not yet know who I truly am or what avenue I choose to pursue. All I can confirm is that I am still a work in progress and I can only hope that with dedication and hard work I can finally figure out who I want to be.

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