‘It’s not what you know, it’s who you know’

As millennials, we have regularly heard the saying, ‘It’s not what you know, it’s who you know’ and there is certainly truth to that saying. It is not feasible for one person to know absolutely everything, so he or she has to have allies and comrades that can fill in those weaknesses. For example, you may be the greatest theoretical physicist in the world but when your roof collapses, you are still going to need to know a roofer (assuming this physicist is lacking in the ‘construction’ attributes.) And there are certainly situations where word of mouth and reputation trumps something on a piece of paper; e.g. an advertisement or resume.

But this ultimately leads us down a vicious, cyclical rabbit hole; we have people who enter into positions of power not based on merit but based on who they know. And as a result, those successors who have come into power will continue to employ that method in order to keep themselves and their allies in power.

So as a recent graduate who is looking for full-time work, I am bombarded with signs and notions that tell me to compromise my values and beliefs and to conform to society’s standards of myself. If everyone is putting on a mask to appease their bosses, should I conform and do the same? If everyone is shape-shifting (not akin to David Icke’s reptilian overlords) should I do the same for survival?

Ultimately, it is a conflict of morals; should I succumb and become one of the masses or stand up and risk persecution? Should I focus on click-bait to get a job in mainstream media and make a living or stick with objective journalism and risk poverty? Throughout history, there have been very few REAL people. Individuals who have integrity, who don’t stray from their causeĀ  (don’t ‘sellout’) and do their jobs truthfully. Those who would rather die than to compromise their morals and values as a person. Martyrs to their principles if you will.

The list is short but some of these individuals include John F. Kennedy, Tupac, Thomas More, and maybe even Ned Stark if we’re counting fictional characters. A unique group but all bound by one element; integrity. John F. Kennedy performed his duty as a president by notifying the American public of the fraud performed by the Federal Reserve. Tupac elicited his values by utilizing theĀ  medium of rap to awaken and enlighten the masses. Thomas More stood his ground and opposed the King’s separation from the Catholic church. These individuals are REAL because even faced with death, they did not compromise their integrity and philosophies. They were willing to die for their cause and they never ‘sold out.’

So in a capitalist society where money makes the world go ’round; do you conform and play the game or do you stand up to reveal the wrongdoings?








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