Critical mass

The definition of critical mass is: ‘the minimum size or amount of something required to start or maintain a venture.’ Basically, that means that critical mass is the minimal amount of material needed to ‘get the ball rolling’ or to get things started.It is the point in which you cross the boundary into something else. For instance, the Nth drop of water that causes the pail to overflow would be the critical mass. Thus, in that scenario, N would be the critical mass.

Another example; the critical mass of the formation of a new planet might be 800 protons. This means that once the ball of gas accumulates 800 protons, then the formation of a brand new planet will begin.Therefore, 800 protons is the critical mass needed to create a new planet.

But what is the critical mass of awareness? Or the critical mass of awakening? How many people need to be ‘informed’ or become ‘enlightened’ until things are done and action isĀ  taken?

This seems to be the premise that Anonymous (prominent hacker group) is taking. Their goal is to reach a critical mass of information where people no longer sit idle at home and actively try to fight for equality and REAL justice. Anonymous’ goal is to spread their message to enough people so that critical mass can be attained.

It is pretty evident that as taxpayers, we do not know everything that we are funding. Time and time again, governments have claimed to own ‘classified information’ which cannot be disclosed to the public, or information ‘sensitive to national security’ that necessarily needs to be kept hidden from the public.

But how is it possible that we pay and fund for everything that ‘they’ are doing but we don’t get to know what it IS that they are doing? Furthermore, history has shown us that our leaders and governors have blatantly lied to the masses in order to achieve their own ends. For instance, the 43rd US president, George W. Bush, claimed that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction when in fact they did not. The United States merely invaded Iraq for the purpose of oil and to fulfill the bankers’ wants.

But that is only the tip of the iceberg, what about all of the other things that aren’t deemed ‘classified information’ or instead has been deleted by dirty politicians and their minions? (Ahem* Hillary Clinton…)

The fact is, we know nothing about the government that runs us, and we know even less about who runs the government. So at what point do we, as a population, hit a critical mass of awareness? Being aware that we are held back from certain information, and that there is a specific sect of people who look down upon us and think they can do as they please.

And when this critical mass does occur: what will happen? Will massive protests erupt, or will we continue to stand idly by? Will we gather arms and start a violent revolution or will we simply accept our fate as lesser beings? And does it necessarily dictate that a critical mass has to be violent?

If critical mass includes army veterans and police officers, then most certainly a critical mass of awakening need not be brutal. These individuals will simply stop doing their superiors’ biddings and realize the morality and ethics in their actions.

Is it really worth it to bomb a country and kill innocent people for a pay cheque? Can we truly be paid to turn a blind eye to immoral and unethical acts? Only time will tell, but history never lies.


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