Real Freedom Or Simulated Freedom?

What would you rather have: total, unregulated freedom or simulated freedom?

I imagine total freedom as one that our ancestors had. Not simply three generations down when our grandparents immigrated here from the ‘motherland.’ But as far back as hunter-gatherers.


During those times there was no such thing as a Supreme Court, copyright and trademark or any sort of entity that performed policing duties. There were tribes and that was about it.

I regard this as utter and total freedom simply because you could do whatever you want. There wasn’t a state bearing down on you imposing their will. You could rape, pillage, murder, steal, or do anything you pleased and it didn’t necessarily entail a punishment.

There isn’t an army or a military going after a serial killer. There wouldn’t be border officials chasing a Neanderthal off a specific patch of land.

That’s why and how people such as Genghis Khan and Vlad the Impaler were able to roam free because they were the biggest and baddest army out there and no one could touch them.

Don Linke

In today’s society, there is a set of arbitrary rules that we HAVE to abide by. The state stipulates where you can go and where you can’t. They decide what pieces of paper you need and where they are allowed. They decide what you can own and what you can’t own. And even if you owned something that doesn’t stop the state from charging you a fee for owning it (property tax.).

Even some of the freedoms that we think we have (such as the freedom of speech) are merely an illusion. Are we truly free when we can’t make our own decisions in fear of consequences? Are we truly free when we are told what and when to think?

Now in this total and unregulated freedom, it doesn’t mean that you can just senselessly commit crimes at will. The way of the world still works, if you do stupid things Darwinism will still kick into effect. You have the free will to walk into the middle of the Savannah, but that doesn’t mean the wildebeests back then can’t also exercise their free will to eat the shit out of you.


You can use your free will to maliciously steal, harm, murder or rape someone, but that doesn’t mean the opposing (stronger more fearsome) family or tribes won’t take retribution on you. So as much as there is free will, there is still a sense of justice or a set of vague but general moral guidelines.

Rather than having just one vigilante, the society as a whole acts as a vigilante.

If a malicious act is performed, then the society as a group will turn on that individual or group of people who committed that malicious act. If a punishment needs to be exacted on the offender(s), then the society as a whole might ‘turn a blind eye’ on the punishment and let those who committed the revenge roam freely even though they know full well who it was.

This sounds a lot like anarchy but I would like to think that this is a controlled sort of an anarchy. It isn’t the wild jungles where we live as savages but a world where we are more connected to the real.

In one of Tupac’s interview, he stated that it was time to bring communities back together. To host block parties again and to give back to the community. To invest in ‘the younger g’s’ so that they can get an education and come back to build something for the community.


And that’s what we truly need, to govern ourselves and to look out for the betterment of our community and groups as opposed to our individual selves.

However the current society that we live in is just too tempting. Who wants to hunt with bow and arrows and live in teepees when we have king size beds and the internet?

And from a practical standpoint, we don’t need to be worried about opposing tribes when we have the military in place to protect us.

But this places an awful lot of power and responsibility on a specific group of people who MIGHT abuse their power.

So what do you think? Do you think the development of technology is to blame for us straying from our natural roots or is this simply the product of human greed wanting more and more?

And finally, what would you prefer? Would you want to live in the wild wild west of this anarchist world or would you prefer the comfort of a developed country?




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